Coneeect offers opportunity to learn, experience and design new teaching methods, materials and learning outcome assessment techniques. With its established network of experts, innovative education institutions, organizations and companies, Coneeect gives you access to entrepreneurship communities across Europe.

For participants

Coneeect participants have access to:

  • One week, interactive, training programmes
  • Individual expert coaching and peer learning, in interdisciplinary teams
  • Assessment and feedback tools, to enhance entrepreneurship teaching
  • A growing network of entrepreneurship educators
  • The handbook of good practices in European entrepreneurship education (published 2015)
  • The opportunity to contribute to the Coneeect International Symposium on Entrepreneurship Education (Berlin Autumn 2015)

For institutions

Coneeect is a unique opportunity for institutions to:

  • Establish the programme Europe-wide right from the beginning
  • Shape the future of Entrepreneurship Education across Europe
  • Gain access to highly trained and qualified Entrepreneurship Educators
  • Really make a difference to society by developing future leaders

Become a partner

Coneeect is designed to become a growing community, that consistently adds value to the way Entrepreneurship Education is conducted in Europe. If you would like to partner with us, to give participants & alumni outstanding opportunities, we would be glad to hear from you. Whether contributing to the programme, attending the symposium or hosting a training week, the following organizations reach out to aspirant entrepreneurship educators:

  • Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
  • Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski", Bulgaria
  • Israeli College for Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation (ISEMI), Israel
  • Platform for Entrepreneurship Education in Portugal (PEEP), Portugal
  • Projekttr├Ąger J├╝lich (JUELICH), Germany
Coneeect - Educating Entrepreneurship Educators
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