Symposium Posters Session

During the first international Coneeect Symposium "Next Step into the future of Entrepreneurship Education" on September 10 and 11 2015 in Berlin, a poster exhibition facilitated the exchange amongst participants sharing more of the interesting approaches towards entrepreneurship education. Here, the posters are listed as they have been presented during the Symposium. You find contact details at the bottom of each poster. Please do not hesitate to react with comments and suggestions and let yourself be inspired to be(come) an active member of the Coneeect open faculty!

winnerRegina C. Brautlacht is the winner of the Coneeect poster award!

Symposium Poster Session

Students for Startups: The Berlin Network of Universities, Startups and Established Companies (BENHU), Ripsas, Sven; Gunnoltz, Julia

Leuphana Orienta-on Week, PD Dr. Euler, Mark; M.A. Pakura, Adalbert

Potsdam Entrepreneurship Experience Lab (PEEL), Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle, Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Dr. Katja Birke

The new age of entrepreneurship, Delisse, Janneke; Roes, Marteyn; Rovers, Rens; Verbrugh, Joop

Integrated Skill and Demand Level oriented Entrepreneurship Education, Haas, Yvonne; Hummel, Carsten

Policy Experimentation in Entrepreneurship Education: Youth Start Entrepreneurial Challenges, REDFORD, Dana; VAZ, Luís; LINDNER, Johannes; JAMBOR, Eva; MULLER, Tom; MOBERG, Kåre; Krušič Šega, Maja

Foundations of Entrepreneurship, Prof. Malte Brettel, M.Sc. Denise Fischer, M.Sc. Daniel Willmann

The Orange of Entrepreneurship, Carla Fiorio; Debora Ferrero


Teaching Green Entrepreneurship to High School Students, Vera Petkantchin

JA Bulgaria University Strategy Practice, Petko Ruskov, Sia Tsolova

Experience of MSc and PhD program in Technology Entrepreneurship education, Petko Ruskov

Business English: A Simulation Course in Entrepreneurship, Regina C. Brautlacht M.A., Winner of the Coneeect poster award!

HEInnovate: a self-assessment tool to develop a more innovative & entrepreneurial HEI, European Commission (DG EAC), OECD LEED Programme with the support of Technopolis Group

A Taxonomy of Entrepreneurship Education, Rasmussen Anders; Moberg, Kare; Revsbech, Christine

Entrepreneurial Design Thinking® for Schools, Prof. Dr. Harald F. O. von Kortzfleisch; Christiane Frey; Dr. Kornelia van der Beek

WORLDFACTORY® –Integrated Concept for Transfer, Start-up Services & Entrepreneurship Education, Buchholz, Anja

Ireland's First Ever Accredited Module in Entrepreneurship Education for HEI Educators, Ní Bhrádaigh, Emer & Tiernan, Peter

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