Press Release

Business School takes centre stage in Berlin

Dr Ian Heywood from the University of Aberdeen's Business School took centre stage in Berlin recently as he attended a symposium which saw the launch of the very first Coneeect handbook. Read more...

Best Practitioner Paper Award

At UIIN Conference 2015 in Berlin we won the Best Practitioner Paper Award for our approach on Entrepreneurship Education. If you are interested in reading the paper, please contact us via email:

Coneeect award ceremony in Sofia

The Executive Agency "Electronic Communication Networks and Information Systems" was host of the Coneeect award ceremony in Sofia

Coneeect Network Established to Improve Entrepreneurship Teaching in Europe

The European Coneeect network's first "Educating Entrepreneurship Educators" training week took place between 22 and 26 July 2013 in Munich. Around 50 entrepreneurship professors and higher education lecturers from 11 countries attended the event.

Coneeect - Educating Entrepreneurship Educators
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